How long is your warranty for Trucom Walkie Talkie?

We provide up to one year warranty for each Walkie Talkie.

What is the difference between UHF and VHF?

UHF or (Ultra High Frequencies) is better able to penetrate better obstacles such as steels and concretes. UHF walkie talkie are typically used in urban built-up areas fro two way-communications. VHF or (Very High Frequencies) is more suited to distance or open area operations such as offshore at sea for vessel to vessel or shore to vessel.

What is range of walkie talkie?

The range of walkie talkie entirely depends on where they used and whether there are obstruction like hills, buildings between them. All walkie talkie are capable of working over several kilometers provided there is good line of sight but the range will be reduced by any obstructions.

How do Walkie Talkie work? Are they like mobile phones?

The way that Walkie Talkie work is very simple. You take two(or more) radios, set them to the same frequency and channel, and you can communicate with each other by pressing the Transmit or PTT(Push To Talk) button when you speak, and releasing it when you want to listen. There are no subscriptions or monthly fees to pay.

How many walkie talkie can talk to one another?

The minimum number is two and there is no maximum limit. Provided the walkie talkies are within range of one another plus all are using the same channel and set to teh same frequency.

Why should I use handheld radios instead of Mobile phones?

A Mobile phone is ideal for making phone calls. It is not ideal for short range point to point communications since cellular is expensive. Mobile Phones requires that you dial the phone number and wait for the connection to be established, a delay of up to 30 seconds for every call that you make. With a hand held radio you push the talk button and you talk without delay. If you need to have several people talking to each other at the same time, you can set up several two way radios on the same frequency. Each time one user speaks, everyone on thesame frequency hears that person.

Is there a license free walkie talkie for India?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes – because the Indian law permits license free walkie talkies in the 27 MHz band. No – because the 27 Mhz band is obsolete. This frequency band interferes with computer monitors. Noise pick up from generators and two wheeler engines result in ‘motor boating effect’ during reception. It just offers 3-4 floors coverage inside buildings. Worldwide, this is a discontinued band.

What is the communication range of a walkie talkie?

Do not get carried away by tall claims on the internet. Some internet sites mention 12 km range!! The range inside the building drops drastically due to intervening walls and floors. The thumb rule to be followed in India is -

0.5 watt walkie talkie - appx. 200-300 meters or 3-4 floors inside a building (for walkie talkies offered on the internet)
4.0 watt walkie talkie - appx. 2-3 km or 12-15 floors, inside a building.
7.0 watt walkie talkie - appx. 3-4 km or 20-25 floors, inside the building.

What are the Maintenance – Tips and Tricks of Trucom Walkie Talkie?

Trucom Walkie Talkies are working for more than 10 years without any complaints. The tips are as under:-
- Switch off the mains supply to the charger when not in use. It will increase the life of the charger and the adapter.
- Never carry the radio by holding the antenna. The length of the antenna is finely tuned to the set frequency.
- Replace the walkie talkie battery after appx. 15-18 months. The symptoms are – low talk time, reduced range and ‘frequent low battery beep.’
- Clean Dust on walkie talkie on daily basis

How Walkie-Talkie Work?

Walkie-talkies are battery-powered transceivers that operate on the same channel allowing for the sending and receiving of radio messages. Handsets are designed to transmit directly to each other over short range distances, usually a few miles and allow small teams to stay in contact at all times. No network coverage is required and they are designed so that the volume of vocal messages is loud enough for anyone nearby to hear the messages.

How to Use a Walkie-Talkie?

Walkie-Talkies are operated by the user pressing a button to speak and releasing the button to hear the other party responding. They allow for swift communication bypassing any need to dial a number or falling victim to the fragility of phone signals. This makes them a popular choice for trekkers and those working in emergency services, often in remote locations where a phone signal is not available.