Trucom - R980 Repeater

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Main Functions

- Analog or Digital Mode
Operate n analog or digital mode - bright, clear, colored LEDs indicate mode; Optional IP Site; 100% continuous full duty cycle at high power.

- Integrated Power Supply

- Multiple Installation Methods
Rack or wall mountable desktop housing also available;

- TDMA Technology
Trucom R-980 Repeater adopts TDMA Technology which enables two channels to be used on the same radio frequency at the same time;

- IP Interconnect
Digital solutions extend the coverage of R-980 communication system to the users located anywhere in the globe by internet to greatly improve the customer service and productivity;

- Trunking Expansion
R-980 Repeater support expandable digital trunking solutions with single base station, which expands its communication capacity to more than 1000 two-way radio users without adding new frequencies;

- More Secure Communication
with advanced digital technologies, R-980 Repeater can provide not only common encryption for analog radios, but also more advanced digital encryptions to ensure more private communications;

-  Customizable
R-980 Repeater allows to develop and customize applications for users to meet various and specific requirements;

-  Accessory List
Standard Accessory: Power Cable
Optional Accessory: Antenna

trucom t980 walkie talkie repeater manufacturers suppliers india delhi